• Our peanuts are grown in the open field, following the rules and principles of
  • Italo-Argentina supply chain,
  • Our products are certified
  • Express logistics thanks to our
Back to the roots
Paul Mirror is specialized in import and distribution of groundnuts from Argentina, the first peanut exporter worldwide and the largest supplier of excellence for the European Union. Its value chain has perfect traceability and no intermediaries, thanks to consolidated partnerships with an important cooperative in origin and storage capacity in Italy.

Our peanuts are grown and shelled by the Cooperativa Arroyo Cabral, Paul Mirror’s strategic partner, founded more than 70 years ago by a group of Italian farmers in the province of Córdoba, land suitable for peanut production.

We are personally present in Argentina to verify that the cultivation is carried out according to integrated and sustainable farming practices. In Italy, we satisfy the needs of our customers with quick logistics thanks to our storage located in the center of Italy and to our highly specialized team.

Paul Mirror guarantees a transparent, high-quality supply chain without intermediaries where it is possible to determine the complete traceability of our peanuts.

Benefits of working with Paul Mirror:

  • Elimination of the broker figure and all types of intermediaries.
  • Direct customer relationship with the peanut producer.
  • Continuous availability of peanuts thanks to our storage in Europe.
  • Structured and organized logistics.
Our products
Raw peanut (with skin)
To be used for snacks confectionery.
Raw peanut without skin, to be used in products that need to be roasted.
To be used in snacks, peanut butter, granola and peanut oil.
Small peanuts intended for bird feeding.
Argentina is the first peanut exporter worldwide and Europe’s main supplier of quality groundnuts. The region’s unique climate gives to the Argentine peanuts especial organoleptic characteristics and is naturally aflatoxin-free.
The peanuts imported by Paul Mirror SRL are grown in Argentinian fields according to the Good Farming Practices and have been selected under strict quality standards. Our products are processed in factories GMP, HACCP and BRC certificated, among other quality models.
Quality and Safety Certifications
We grow
in Córdoba, Argentina, land suitable for peanut production.
We Import
selected peanuts, guaranteeing complete traceability.
We apportion
based on the requests of our customers.
We transform
the raw material in Italy according to the needs and requests of our customers.
We pack
our peanuts in Italy and produce private labels.
We deliver
in Italy and in Europe.
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