Quality Protocol Estilo Real
Paul Mirror SRL’s peanuts are grown in Argentinian fields according to Good Farming Practices and are selected under high-quality standards. Our peanut plant has implemented and certified GMP, HACCP and BRC.

Thanks to the alliance with Cooperativa de Arroyo Cabral Ltda., Paul Mirror has a Quality Department and a laboratory dedicated to Quality and Continuous Improvement, equipped with modern tools that allow the execution of key control processes that qualify our peanuts as Estilo Real.

n order to guarantee seriousness and trust, the partnership has the following principles:
Efficient Traceability
Thanks to exhaustive records and controls, with the big bag and lot number we recreate the history of our peanuts: we know the day and the corresponding shift that each big bag has been processed, the person in charge of the quality control, the storage from the farmer stock where it was sent and the field where that peanut has been grown.
Big Bag Quality Analysis
As a preventive measure, we carry out physical controls of each big bag we process through our quality department, examining parameters such as % foreign matter, % blanched/peeled, % broken/split, etc.
Spotting Analysis
We have implemented a system designed to detect potential spots that may occur during the roasting or frying process. This analysis is performed for each lot that is processed in our plants and this result is attached to the usual quality controls.
Thanks to this service that we call spotting, we guarantee our clients an optimal result in roasting or frying process with Estilo Real peanuts..
Suggestions and Claims
Listening to our clients is a great opportunity to strengthen our relationship.

On behalf of a suggestion, complaint or congratulation regarding the services provided by Paul Mirror and the Cooperativa Arroyo Cabral, we have the following communication channels:

Phone: +39 340 852 0724
E-mail: info@paulmirror.com
If our clients present observations on the quality of our big bags, the partnership applies the following procedure:

Identify the lot number and the big bag number.
Obtain photographic evidence of the problem.
Contact our partners in Italy to find a solution together.

Analyze the problem in situ and register the claim.
If the claim is viable, contact a surveyor to perform the analysis.
Replace the peanuts at issue from self- storage ones.
Estilo Real quality peanuts is the result of good farming practices, exhaustive controls during the production and a controlled value chain that allows Paul Mirror and Cooperativa Arroyo Cabral joint venture to offer high-quality peanuts to the market.
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