Strategic Partner
The Cooperativa Agrícola Ganadera de Arroyo Cabral, founded more than 70 years ago by a group of Italian farmers, cultivates about 3,000 hectares of peanuts and other 4,000 hectares of soy, corn, wheat, and oats, generating prosperity for the entire local community.

It processes peanuts according to the highest quality standards and exports them to Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Holland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the United States.

The partnership with Paul Mirror allows the Cooperative to create a direct and indissoluble thread with the European market and to manage the logistics of the raw material thanks to a warehouse in Europe.
Arroyo Cabral, Córdoba
Arroyo Cabral is a small town of about 5,000 inhabitants, where the agricultural cooperative plays an important role from an economic and social point of view, creating jobs and prosperity for the whole community.
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